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Sunday, September 05, 2004

What's the story, morning glory?

Oh my, looks like another knitting blog is in its formative stages. I just couldn't resist jumping on the bandwagon, I've been reading a few knitting blogs here and there for awhile and they are absolutely delightful, full of lovely people and gorgeous knitting. So even though I'm technologically inept, I decided I'd give it a shot and look at that! New knit blog yumminess.

I've been debating the necessity of an introduction as I set this up, but hey, why not? Hi, I'm Colleen, and I'm addicted to knitting. I'm also a sixteen year old junior, suffering through the mad, illogical world of high school while loving the beautiful, thrilling life outside of classes. A fancy way of saying I hate school. Bleh. Part of this hatred is due to the fact I switched schools just in time for sophomore year and am now attending, for the first time, a private school. What a culture shock. But I'm surviving, I have a few amigos there and many many outside of school.

I've got all sorts of random interests constantly vying for attention, most notably music, movies, reading, writing, and photography. I try to read a book a week, unless said book is over 500 pages, and then I get two weeks. Some of my favorites are The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Little Prince, White Noise, Anna Karenina, Dangerous Angels, and the Harry Potter Series I am hoping to become writer when I grow up...which is highly doubtful (the growing up part, I mean. I already am a writer in my mind, I just need to be paid for it). If I can't find success as a writer my back up plan is to sell my photographs. I love pictures. I love them for their beauty, for the memories, for the process of developing them. I love them. Most imporantly, however, is music. I am constantly listening to music (now: Simon and Garfunkel- Cecila) and I play the piano/guitar. I listen to all different kinds of music, I love it if it makes me feel, it has to make me feel. It has to have passion, it has to instill emotion. Music = life.

But all of this interests are at least matched if not surpassed by my love of crafting. I like sewing, cross-stitch, paper mache, making collages, drawing and painting, but my true love is certainly knitting. I can't explain why I'm so infatuated by the process, the product and everything involved but I'm hoping you understand anyway. One of the reasons I have this blog is because I don't know anyone else who knits, much lets understands my obsession, and I'd love to meet others who do. My third grade teacher taught my how because I used to finish my assignments early and disturb my peers. She thought it would help if I had something to focus on, something to keep my hands moving and my mind entertained. She was right. I made a "scarf" over those first few months, but stopped when summer came. My fourth grade teacher wouldn't let me knit in class (for shame!) but I kept going. My Grandma and mother can knit, but I hardly ever see my Grandma and my mom hardly ever knits, so they didn't help much. Grades 5-8 I picked up a couple of projects sometimes, a few gift hats, a baby blanket somewhere along the line, but the fever didn't really strike me until two years ago. I was hooked. I've made scarves, hats, Fair Isle stockings, blankets, purses, teddy bears and wristbands. And I love it. I don't have very much money (lack of job...) but I try to buy yarn when I do. Unfortunately the quality isn't usually that high, but nice yarn stores are so seductive I just love being in them. I'm not too terribly great or fast, but I feel confident in my work. I'll try to post some old project pics sometime. And that's a brief crash course through my knitting life.

So now I'm in Portsmouth Virginia. The nearest yarn store is at least an hour away, but all the ones around here are nice little places (The Hook and I, Ewe Knit, the Knitting Corner are places I frequent). Currently I'm making Fuzzy Feet from (red practice pair for me, baby blue second pair for mi madre), Pin Up Queen from StitchnBitch (out of Jo Sharp Tweed that I bought to made my first sweater a few years ago.. I never knit the orginal sweater, but luckily the gauges for pinup queen and my yarn are compatible), and Punk Rock Backpack from SnB (wayyyy on the back burner). I've also finished the knitting aspect of Zeeby's Bag, but I'm adding a decorative element of felt flowers on the front. And I've got a lovely baby blanket from 100 Afgan Squares to Knit made of Rowan Wool Cotton. I have about 10 squares done, and they're beautiful and I love them. Aside from that I'm starting up my winter charity knits, focusing on warm hats with a few mittens and scarves also. I've got a goal of one item a week, out of stash yarn, for charity.

And one final note, I'm the founder and president of the knitting club at my school. Yes, you read correctly, knitting club! Yay! We just got it officially set up on Friday, so our first meeting will be sometime next week. I'll post a lot more about this later, its quite exciting!

Woo, I guess I'm finally done. If you stuck through all that, thank you and congratulations. Hopefully I'll steer clear of these long winded posts in the future and bring on the knitting! In a month I'm going to apply for a few blog rings, as they ask you to post a few times before you apply, so hopefully when I'm in the circle I'll meet some new knitters. Please comment! And if you're still reading, have a lovely day!

Ps-That's me...I'm trying to get it set up as my profile pictures. Rawrrr, being computer illiterate makes blogging hard. But I will perservere! :-)

Test test, yeah yeah!